ᑕ❶ᑐ Santos president talks about the new stadium and explains the project to recover the rights of the Pelé brand: « A big dream »

Santos chairman Andres Rueda according to an exclusive interview with ESPN

The new Vila Belmiro is a theme in which the supporters of saints. Approved by the board of directors but also by the partners, the project of the new stadium is due to bureaucratic details for the next steps to be franchised.

In an exclusive interview with ESPNduring the program sports center this Wednesday, Andres Rueda gave the deadline for the start of the construction of the arena.

“The project for the new Santos arena has been approved by the council, approved in assembly by the partners of Santos, so it is already a reality. It is in a phase where our partner details the architectural part, the final project. any contract procedures and actions with the Town Hall for the releases”, he began by specifying.

 » We expect we will start selling stadium chairs by the middle of this year. It’s a way to get the construction off the ground. It is expected in the second half of the year, at the beginning of the last quarter of the year, that work will begin. »

Tribute to Pele

The president of fish also revealed that even before the death of skinthe club made a formal approach with the King to recover the mark that the great idol left as a legacy and opened the game on the projects that Santos has ahead of him.

 » The king is honored every day. We had the death of Edson, Pelé is eternal for all the Brazilian people, the world and especially the nation of Santos. In our management, we tried to get closer to Pelé and everything he represents, we had a very continuous rapprochement. Three or four months ago we formally sealed this approach, we made a contract where Pelé became an employee of Santos, as an adviser to the presidency. We had this whole unhappy and boring period that happened, watching it daily with the family and the wife. »

 » In the next match, there will be a very special tribute with the Federation. Our match shirts for all categories now have a crown above the Santos symbol, forever immortalizing Pelé with us.. A series of things are preparing, not only to honor a time, but the essential, which is my big dream, I want to bring the Pelé brand back to Santos and Brazil. Today, the trademark rights are held by a foreign fund. I did my best to make this possible. Pelé and Santos must be a unique thing and we will always be together, for me it would be a great tribute. »