🚨 UWCL: Wolfsburg approaching quarter-finals, Chelsea with downside to Real

After Bayern’s coup against Barcelona last night, Wolfsburg hosted AS Roma today. A 4-2 home win paved the way for the group victory.

Wild first half in Wolfsburg

Compared to the first leg, where Wolfsburg had to settle for a 1-1 draw, VfL coach Tommy Stroot made just one change. Lena Oberdorf started for Jule Brand.

However, it was Rome who rushed in like the firefighters and thus impressed Wolfsburg. The Italian club also had the first big chance thanks to Emilie Haavi, which Merle Frohms was able to counter with a (Site notre bureau spécialisé) defense. Wolfsburg only found their game after 20 minutes and could have taken a double lead within two minutes. Elisa Bartoli first saved against Popp’s low shot on the line, but then Ewa Pajor fell alone past Roma reserve keeper Caesar.

Artikelbild:🚨 UWCL: Wolfsburg near quarter-finals, Chelsea with shock absorber at Real

But in the 24th minute, Pajor got serious. The Pole scored for the fifth time in the Champions League fourth game after substitute Sveindis Jónsdóttir scraped the ball out of bounds for injured Jill Roord. After that it was a home and away game, but just 16 minutes later it was 2-0 for the Wolfsburg women. And again it was Pajor and Jónsdóttir, this time just the other way: a soft pass from Pajor landed on Jónsdóttir, who lobbed beautifully.

It still wasn’t. Roma’s Andressa Alves took advantage of a disastrous misguided pass from Lena Lattwein and slammed the ball into the goal from 30 yards out – it was 2-1 at the break.

Wolfsburg lets Rome get closer

When the players came out of the locker room, we immediately understood that Wolfsburg wanted more. And so Lattwein, fixing the mistake she made in the first half, increased the lead to 3:1 (52nd) with a dusting, only for Pajor to put the stadium score at 4:1 a few moments later (53rd) thanks to a powerful header.

But Rome didn’t give up and found themselves dangerously in front of Merle Frohms’ goal on a couple of occasions. Again it was Haavi who stormed the Wolfsburg keeper single-handedly, but Frohms was able to save again with a (Site notre bureau spécialisé) defense. With Pajor now on six CL goals, Rome’s top striker Valentina Giacinti left the pitch without a word after an hour.

Jónsdóttir could have clarified everything in the 75th minute, but narrowly missed the empty goal. Instead, Rome came back thanks to a direct acceptance from Sophie Haug – 4:2 (76th)! But not enough to tip the game. Wolfsburg defeats Roma and is getting closer and closer to the important group victory.

Paris clearly beat FK Vllaznia, Chelsea only with a draw in Madrid

Ann-Katrin Berger will probably have to spend a case of beer today. Because the pass from the German Chelsea goalkeeper in the 36th minute landed just in front of the feet of Caroline Weir, who only had to catch the ball. And so it was 1-0 for underdogs Madrid.

Chelsea, on the other hand, were very lucky to equalize 1-1, as Real goalkeeper Misa headed Guro Reit’s penalty behind the line herself – an own goal! Despite today’s setback, Chelsea are still top of Group A.

Artikelbild:🚨 UWCL: Wolfsburg near quarter-finals, Chelsea with shock absorber at Real

In the second match of Group A, Paris Saint-Germain clearly beat Albanian outsiders FK Vllaznia thanks to a brace from PSG star Kadidiatou Diani (19th, 36th) and goals from Ramona Bachmann (60th) . The team from the French capital thus consolidates second place in the group.

Meanwhile, Wolfsburg’s group opponents SKN St. Pölten and Slavia Prague drew 1-1. The goals were scored by Kristýna Ruzickova for Prague (27th) and Mateja Zver for Austrian club St. Pölten.

The results at a glance

FK Vllaznia – Paris Saint-Germain 0:4 (0:2)

VfL Wolfsburg – AS Roma 4:2 (2:1)

SKN St. Polten – Slavia Prague 1:1 (1:1)

Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea (1-0)

Here’s how

For Bayern and Wolfsburg, the Bundesliga will continue at the weekend. In the Champions League, on the other hand, the fifth day of the group stage will take place next week.