Bayern: Lewandowski says goodbye

, Bayern: Lewandowski says goodbye

The images have gone viral on social media. On Saturday, before FC Barcelona announced and verbal agreement with Bayern Munich for the transfer of Robert Lewandowski (33 years old, 34 matches and 35 goals in the Bundesliga for the 2021-2022 season), the Pole said goodbye to future ex – teammates at the end of the training session. During an image agreement interview, he returned to this striking scene… and express.

« There was no time for a proper farewell. Everything had to happen very quickly and spontaneously. I said, ‘Guys, thank you very much. It will all be over today. We wrote the story together, and I will never forget it!” Said the former Dortmund player in remarks offered by (Site notre blog d’information) Mercato. These last few weeks have been difficult. It’s not easy for me to find the right words. There’s a lot going on in my head right now… »

Patience, Mr. Lewandowski: your final transfer will soon be formalized.