EdF: Lloris and rumors about Benzema

According to certain rumors, Karim Benzema’s package (35 years old, 97 caps and 37 goals) before the 2022 World Cup would have delighted players from the France team, including Hugo Lloris (36 years old, 145 caps). The former goalkeeper of the Blues, who has just announced his international retirement, has therefore made things clear.

« There are a lot of things that have been said, which are either false or ridiculous: the atmosphere was very good before he left, and very good after, and it was very normally amplified thanks to our career and the ‘euphoria,’ replied the Tottenham goalkeeper in L’Equipe.

« But we would all have preferred that the Ballon d’Or, when we see what he has brought since his return, could be with us, he assured. It’s still a major asset! To say that we would have pushed for him to leave, that’s completely false, and I don’t see where we’re coming from: he was essential for eighteen months, he helped us win the League of Nations, his return will only have been positive. »

« It’s really dishonest to claim that some of us were able to favor his departure. We would have done it when, how? When you intervened at a World Cup, you want to do it with your best players? To have knew how to reinvent ourselves after his departure? But we did it after each package, after each departure (…) », recalled Lloris.