VIDEOS. Football – N2: energetic recovery for FC Rouen

, VIDEOS.  Football – N2: energetic recovery for FC Rouen

FC Rouen resumed training on Monday July 18, 2022. Despite the heat, the Red Devils chained the exercises.

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He was all there. At 8:45 a.m., guests and FCR staff will return to Petite-Bouverie for the first training session of the 2022-2023 season. Oh, of course, the Red Devils did not immediately settle on the meadow. No. They had breakfast, received their equipment and Maxime D’Ornano spoke. In support of PowerPoint, the Seinomarin technician presented his staff, specified the procedure to follow in the event of a medical or administrative concern and ended his speech by stating a few rules of life.

“I especially insisted on the state of mindhe specifies. We are in an institution and it must always be above us. But it’s not just that, we have to have the energy every day, be enthusiastic about the idea of ​​coming to play (Site notre bureau spécialisé). » The following ? “We started the session with the test
(VMA), specifies Clément Bassin, the central defense of the FCR.
It set the tone. »Mathéo Crocq also, since he was the one who arrived in the off-season from Guipry-Messac (N3), who, under a blazing sun, proved to be the most enduring.

D’Ornano: « It’s ready for the reception of Beauvais »

Behind, the Red Devils have multiplied the technical exercises and finished their work by strengthening muscles. They then queued in the shower and then went to the common area to have lunch there.

The opportunity to exchange. “Even if we talk during recovery time, it is during these moments when we can communicate the most easily.explicit pelvis. The idea is to reach out to the new (Matheo Crocq, Zana Allée, Laye Diayte, Mathieu Mion and Christopher Ibayi) so that they feel good in the club. Personally, I already knew a little Chris
The others, we will discover them, insert them, as and when, so that they are as efficient as possible, that they bring added value to the team. »

A formation which therefore left, this Monday, July 18, 2022, for five weeks of preparation. “We are going to start with a restart phasepoints out D’Ornano.
Then, we will work very hard with an internship
(in Ploufragan, you August 3 to 6), friendly matches, then we will slow down to make some juice as the first day of the championship approaches. The goal is to be ready for the reception of Beauvais (Saturday August 20). »

Programs for friendly matches:

– Saturday July 23, 2022: opposite Avranches (N1), in Avranches (5 p.m.) – Friday July 29: opposite Saint-Malo (N2), in Deauville (4:30 p.m.) – Wednesday August 3: opposite Lannion (N3), in Lannion (time to be determined) – Saturday August 6: to Saint-Brieuc (N1), to Ploufragan (time to be determined) – Saturday August 13: to Oissel (N3), to Cléon (5 p.m.)

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